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Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

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You can't go wrong with student travel to Philadelphia. Whether you focus just on the city itself or head out into the surrounding countryside, Philadelphia travel tours offer something for every student group. For the historically focused, Philadelphia is the birthplace of America. For the culturally inclined, the Amish live just outside the city in Lancaster. For those studying the Civil War, the historic Battle of Gettysburg was fought nearby, and the battlefield is available to tour. And finally, for those looking to enjoy a bit of fun, HersheyPark is within easy driving distance. Philadelphia travel tours also give access to all the museums, performing arts, and many historic homes in the city.


When Congress signed the Declaration of Independence and decided to go to war with Britain, she did so from the seat of government in Philadelphia. Long before Washington D.C. ever existed, the government controlled the nation from Philadelphia, and many of the first government buildings still exist today. Perhaps the most notable is Independence Hall, where the Continental Congress convened, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Philadelphia was also the site of many Constitutional Conventions, which helped shape the original United States Constitution and refine it into its current form


The Liberty Bell is a key element of almost all Philadelphia travel tours. This famous bell was first cast by an overseas company, but was then recast by Americans after it cracked during initial hanging and ringing. It then became a famous symbol of America, ringing at the opening of the First Continental Congress and after the Battle of Lexington and Concord. During the occupation of Philadelphia by British forces in the Revolutionary War, the Continental Army went through great pains to ensure that the Liberty Bell (and several other important bells in the city) remained safe, taking them down when defeat seemed certain and restoring them once the city returned to American hands. Philadelphia travel tours today will find the bell on display across from Independence Hall, easily accessed after touring the famous building.


Philadelphia travel tours also provide an excellent opportunity to look into the culture of the Amish, who shun electricity and other modern conveniences in favor of a simpler life. Amish-made goods are known for quality and durability, and a shopping trip may be in order. The city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania is well worth a visit for any Philadelphia travel tours.


Students can experience American history firsthand with a visit to Gettysburg, where the Union army halted the Confederate advance, and by many accounts a turning point in the war effort. Afterward, Philadelphia travel tours can take your students to HersheyPark, a fun amusement park dedicated to all things chocolate.


Philadelphia travel tours have so much to offer. Start planning your visit to Philadelphia and the surrounding area with Fantastic Tours today by filling out our no obligation quote request form.

Did You Know?

  • The Liberty Bell weighs 2,080 pounds
  • The first stock exchange in the United States was located in Philadelphia.
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the birth place of the pretzel.
  • President Lincoln was not the keynote speaker when he delivered the Gettysburg Address.

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