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Performing Arts

     At Fantastic Tours, we believe in the importance of the creative outlets offered by the arts as an important compliment to any education.  Our programs offer not only real learning opportunities from industry professionals, but the opportunity to directly integrate your experiences into performance opportunities!

Dance Schools & Teams

We know how hard your students work on their skills and routines. Why not provide them with an opportunity to show off their hard work in front of the nation’s dance community? Our services include:
• Complete arrangements for your State or Nationals Competition.
• Disney Magic Music Days / Disney Dancin’ Workshops
• NEW this year! Step competitions. Strut your stuff!
• and so much more! Just give us a call!

Band, Chorus & Orchestra

     Imagine the excitement of performing for hundreds, even thousands of people. Meet and play along side other programs from all over the country.  Programs can also include feedback from nationally recognized adjudicators.
• Complete National Festival packages.
• National parades such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
• Embark on a fabulous Cruise Ship Festival aboard Royal Carribean!
• ‘Festival Disney’. (open to all programs)
• Show your talents at the elite ‘Disney Honors’. (audition required)
• Other performance opportunities include Disney Magic Music Days,    
Seaworld Soundwaves, Universal Stars or perhaps a local theme park!

Theater in New York City

     Travel to the center of the theater world - Broadway in New York! You can enjoy any number of amazing performances available, and even meet actual members of the cast! For those looking to go a step further, you can learn new skills and techniques in any number of classes taught by industry professionals. Programs include:

     • Acting Improve • Introduction to Make-up
     • Musical Theater • Theater Dance
     • Acting Shakespeare • The Audition


     Unique performance opportunities await your group at nearly every destination you can think of!


     Imagine practicing and performing for the public...aboard an amazing cruise ship!  Take a break from the usual routine, and jump aboard a cruise bound for the Caribbean!

Performance photos courtesy of
Walt Disney Company.