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If you're looking to give your students as much fun as possible, look no further than Orlando. Known as the East Coast's playground, this city has the largest amount of fun per square mile of any city on the Atlantic seaboard. Orlando travel tours can be planned to take advantage of all of the city's attractions; from DisneyWorld to Universal Studios to Sea World, the opportunities are endless!


When you think of Orlando travel tours, DisneyWorld is probably the first thing that comes to mind. The park is a huge part of any Orlando travel tours, a place well earned because of the diversity of fun available there. From fantastic themed hotels to exciting rides and experiences in the park, DisneyWorld is a can't miss destination. And it's not just for young students either everyone will enjoy the rides and attractions within the park, including the famous Epcot Center. Orlando travel tours that visit Epcot will see representations of worldwide cultures, plus futuristic rides and attractions that are just plain cool.


No Orlando travel tours are complete without a visit to Universal Studios. Inspired by a working studio, this park invites visitors to jump into the action of many favorite movies. Students will be able to interact with some of their favorite characters, drawn from many different series and genres. There are also fun rides and entertainment, making Universal Studios a great spot for Orlando travel tours catering to students of all ages. Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure is nearby and offers still more entertainment, including character meet-and-greet sessions and water rides.


For any students interested in aquatic life, Sea World is an unforgettable experience. Orlando travel tours can easily include this spectacular attraction, home to a floorless roller coaster, a variety of other rides, and a huge number of animal encounters. At Sea World, students can see dolphins, seals, sea lions, orcas, penguins, and a wide assortment of marine life not usually seen outside of dive sites. Although the park is intended to be fun, it also ensures that students learn something about the animals they are seeing. Many Orlando travel tours consider this to be a vital element for younger children, who are able to learn about the need for conservation and environmental stewardship of animals and habitats even as they have a great time exploring the park.


Located near Sea World, Discovery Cove is an encounter-themed park that allows students to actually interact with a variety of animals. Orlando travel tours that stop here are able to swim with dolphins and touch a number of exotic birds, fish, and rays, in addition to land mammals. And if you're interested, the real beach is just outside, offering sun and sand to suit anyone's taste.


Whether you are looking for pure fun or a park with a message, Orlando travel tours can be tailored perfectly to your needs. Get started with your planning by filling out a free quote request form. An Orlando travel tours expert from Fantastic Tours will get back to you, helping set every detail of your students' Orlando experience.



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  • Approximately 46 million people visit Disney in Orlando ever year!

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