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New York City Student Tours


New York, New York is called the city that never sleeps - and with very good reason! There are so many things to see and do here that many people live their lives within the city and can never see it all. The best NYC travel tours require careful planning to ensure that you don't miss something wonderful. But when you work with Fantastic Tours, you'll get the advantage of our years of experience planning NYC travel tours. We know all of the sights in the city, ensuring that your students take the biggest possible bite out of the Big Apple.

From the first moment your students set foot in Times Square and experience the rush of the city around them, they'll know that New York is like no other. The experience of Times Square is a must for any NYC travel tours group. Many groups we've worked with choose to stay in a hotel on or near Times Square just to get that "New York" feel.


No NYC travel tours would be complete without a visit to Broadway. This district has the best theater America has to offer, and is particularly renowned for its musicals. You can find almost anything playing on Broadway, from fun comedies and big sweeping musicals that will delight students of all ages to small, thought-provoking productions that will make for great discussions over dinner.

NYC Broadway Workshop

And what a dinner it will be! NYC travel tours bring students to a culinary capital of the world, where many different tastes and styles of cooking combine - sometimes in odd and unexpected ways. From fusion restaurants to traditional cuisines from Japan, China, Italy, and many more, NYC travel tours are a culinary delight. In fact, some NYC travel tours choose to have a complete tour excursion dedicated to sampling the food of the city.

Although New York is known for its culture, it is also a worldwide financial powerhouse. The New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street are both found here, and seeing the opening bell at the Stock Exchange can be a powerful moment for anyone interested in finance. Many NYC travel tours focus on the economic aspect of the city, exploring the corporations that are headquartered here and in some cases doing advanced research to supplement their trip.

But New York offers a type of finance that goes well beyond Wall Street: shopping. Some of the top stores in the world are headquartered on Fifth Avenue, and almost anything is available within a few blocks of that famous street. NYC travel tours can feature browsing, buying, or just exploring in any format you desire. Afterward, visit Radio City Music Hall, tour the Statue of Liberty, or take in any of the other numerous cultural attractions in the area.

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Are you ready to start planning your NYC travel tours? Fantastic Tours has over 25 years of experience helping build customized New York tour experiences for student groups. Fill out of free, no obligation quote request form and one of our professionals will contact you to start planning your ideal trip.


Did You Know?

  • This famous city was America’s first capital. George Washington took his oath of office at Federal Hall in downtown New York.
  • The New York Stock Exchange began in 1792 when 24 brokers met under a buttonwood tree facing 68 Wall Street.

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