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Modern Boston is a fun city, filled with tours, sporting events, and monuments. But Beantown hasn't always been like this: Boston travel tours can take students back to the days of the Revolutionary War, when Boston was a hotbed of political activity. As a primary battleground of the Revolution, Boston has many local landmarks and a very rich history. It's a must-see for any class studying Revolutionary America, as well as for any class that is looking to soak up history in a fun and exciting environment.

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In the 1770s, Boston was a far cry from the tranquil city it is today. The Boston Massacre raised public outcry as British Redcoats opened fire on American citizens. The Boston Tea Party was a heated protest over British attempts to control colonists through taxation and repression. Because of events in and around Boston, the state of Massachusetts was one of the major states agitating for a declaration of war in Congress. And once war was finally declared, the area in and around Boston saw some of the most intense early fighting in the conflict. Boston travel tours put students in a great position to see all of these local battlegrounds, including the famous Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill. Boston travel tours can also show students firsthand how the Siege of Boston was conducted.

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In modern days, Boston travel tours will see sports conflicts rather than battles from the 1700s. And if it's sports you want to see, Boston has a full complement of teams. The famous Boston Red Sox play at historic Fenway Park, and many Boston travel tours feature a tour or even a game. In addition, the Boston Celtics and New England Patriots play in the area.


Boston is also home to many cultural attractions. Boston travel tours can choose from a number of museums and theatres in addition to the historic buildings found throughout the city. In addition, students will love exploring the architecture of nearby Cambridge, home to the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. Cambridge, just across the river from Boston, has the highest number of colleges and universities of any city in the world.

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Many Boston travel tours include a day trip outside the city to the town of Salem. Students can explore what daily life was like during the infamous Salem witch trials by visiting the extensive Witch Museum, a tribute to the blind accusations that caused so much damage to women of the time. In addition, Boston travel tours can see the Salem Witch Dungeon, featuring a live re-enactment of a Salem witch trial. After the re-enactment, students will be able to see a replica of a real Salem witch dungeon.


With so much to see and do, it's no wonder that Boston travel tours are so popular with students of all ages. Fill out our free quote request form and start planning your Boston student travel with Fantastic Tours today!



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